Meet Miss Prudence!

Hello Everyone! This blog entry is a soft launch because I’m trying to figure out this crazy (read most irritating, stress inducing, and exceedingly frustrating) new blog platform….pray for me!!!!

Anyway, I would like you all to meet Miss Prudence! She is here to welcome you to The HOW Museum Blog!

This is a super fun story that I hope you will enjoy! I have wanted an antique baby doll since I was a little girl. I don’t remember how old I was, but one day we went to a friend of my Dad’s. I don’t remember a lot about him, but I do remember he was a fireman, one of my Daddy’s co-workers, and his wife had this magnificent collection of antique dolls. Ones like Miss Prudence and others that were even older, clear back to the 1850s. I instantly fell in love with them, and since then, I have wanted to own a beautiful dolly. I do have a few that are missing hair, or eyes, or clothing or a whole body! I have one from the 1930s that belonged to my Great-Aunt June’s Mom, but nothing like Prudence.

Well, a wonderful happiness happened a few weeks ago when my bestie, Stacey McElyea, invited me to go visit her Mama. Of course I said, “YES!!” because what’s better than a fun road trip with one’s best friend! While there, we visited a lovely little antique store. I didn’t even have in my mind to be looking for an antique dolly, so I was totally shocked when I saw this little lady sitting at the very back, on top of a curio cabinet! I think I shrieked out loud. Or at least in my mind I did! I ran to pick her up expecting her to be a gazillion dollars and just about cried when I saw she was totally in my price range!! I was even more surprised when I saw her name!!!


“Why is Prudence exciting?” you might be asking! Well, let me tell you!! The sweet little old lady who got me started in collecting antiques back when I was about 8 or 9…give or take a couple of years…was my wonderful Great-Grandma, whose name was Hazel Prudence Palmer Chriswisser, but we called her Nonni. She gifted me with so many family heirlooms and truly started me down the path that lead me here! Wanting to collect items of old, with stories that I may or may not know. Being the newest caretaker of things that real humans wore, used, treasured, built, made. I think she totally would have gotten a kick out of me buying a doll named Prudence!

I am so very excited to share with you the artifacts that are currently housed in The House of Whyte Museum! I hope to share a little bit of information that you may never have known, answers to question you didn’t know you wanted to ask, lovely things from our past!

Tootleloo for now my sweet friends!! I hope you have a magnificent day!!


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